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What is acne? 

For most, acne is an inherited condition of the skin in which the skin cells inside pores shed faster than can be expelled leading to clogged pores. Normal pores shed about one layer of skin cells a day. Acne prone skin can shed up to five times that amount. The build up of dead skin cells, called “hyperkeratosis” leads to plugs within the pore or “microcomedones.” Clogged pores create the perfect anaerobic environment for the P.Acnes bacteria. This bacteria feeds on the oil from your skin and proliferates. It’s important to note that oil is not the cause of acne; it’s just one thing that contributes to the problem.


Because acne is a dead skin cell problem and starts with the formation of microcomedones deep inside pores, it is crucial to use products that are able to penetrate the pores to kill bacteria and release dead cells. Our acne products do just that!


What should I expect at my first Acne Treatment and Consultation?

Our acne specialist will do a skin analysis to determine your acne type (inflamed, non-inflamed, hormonal) and identify factors that may be causing your acne. You will receive a packet with valuable information about ingredients, food, habits and lifestyle choices that often aggravate acne. You will be asked to bring all of the products you use to your first appointment. After a thorough skin analysis, we will perform extractions and do a light treatment peel to kick-start the clearing process.  We will design a customized home-care routine using products with “acne safe” ingredients and set up a treatment schedule that fits your budget.


How long does it take to get clear skin?

While most clients see significant improvement in their skin within the first month, it usually takes about 6 treatments over a three month period of time to get clear. This is because it takes 30-90 days for existing acne impactions to make their way to the surface to be extracted. We will recommend key products to help flush out your pores and keep them from filling back up.


How often should I come in for Acne Treatment?

While you are getting clear, we recommend coming in for acne treatment every 2 weeks. The purpose of treatment is to accelerate exfoliation, extract acne plugs as they surface, hydrate the skin and assess your home care routine.


Why do you adjust home care routine every two weeks? 

Acne skin has the ability to adapt to products. We want to strengthen your homecare routine every few weeks to stay ahead of your skin’s ability to adapt and keep pushing your skin to get clear. If you are unable to come in that often, we’ll still get you clear, but it will take longer for your skin to clear.


What will it cost for treatments and products?

Depending on the products you are currently using and how severe your acne is, you should expect to spend about $125-$150 on products at your first visit.  


The initial treatment and consultation is $78. During this first meeting, you will get a packet of valuable information and tips about getting clear, along with a customized treatment plan. After this, we offer a package of 3 treatments for $165 when you pay in full. Pay as you go is $60 per treatment after the initial visit. 


What is the key to clear skin?

Your diligence using the right acne products and getting regular professional acne treatments with extractions is the key to clear skin!


How is your acne treatment program different?
  • Customized treatment plan geared to your specific type of acne and severity (it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach)

  • We adjust your home-care routine every two to three weeks to push your skin to clear faster. (This takes monitoring so that skin doesn’t get too dry or irritated)


Why do I need professional products for my acne?

Many acne products you find at the drugstore that claim to be good for acne actually contain pore-clogging ingredients or simply stop working (if they help at all).  We use products that are specifically formulated for acneic skin and are guaranteed not to clog pores. The products contain pharmaceutical grade ingredients that clear current acne and prevent pores from clogging up again.


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